Easter 2012

Chilling in the grounds cruiser






Maya’s favorite kitty at Grandma J’s


We spent Easter in Iowa this year hanging with Grandma J, Lynn & Uncle Brandon!  Lila was too sick to go to church so that’s why she’s not wearing her red dress in the pic with the other girls.

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Cousin Kate turns 11!


Grandma J made a yummy cookie cake to celebrate.


Kate and Lila


Grandma and Lila


Uncle Brandon and Lila



Momma and EllaIMG_2545

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Council Bluffs, IA

We spent the weekend visiting Aunt Barb and going to Aunt Donna’s birthday party.  Lila and Grandma J had a lot to catch up on.


Maya was so excited to see Cokie again


Lila & Ella


Ella hanging out with Aunt Barb


Cousin Kate playing with Ella and Olivia


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A day at the park

Ella loves the slide!


Daddy & Lila taking a stroll


My sweet girls


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Christmas 2011

Cousins celebrating the holiday!

Niki & Lora

Uncle Den & Ella

Chilling in new chairs from Grandpa & Nana

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Christmas 2011: The Tree

Picking out the Christmas tree.

Lora & Ella


The twins were not happy that they couldn’t help decorate the tree.

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Thanksgiving 2011

We went to Grandma J’s in Tipton, IA to celebrate Thanksgiving this year.  The Ambersons were there too and the cousins got lots of time together.  Here, Kate and Maya are showing off their french braids.

Lila and Ella in their cosey outfits from P-Ma.

Uncle Brandon carving the turkey sporting a nice apron.

Lynn spent lots of time on the floor playing with the kiddos.

Olivia and Maya were beat and crashed on the floor before going up to bed.

We had such a nice Thanksgiving!  Grandma made a lot of super tasty food and it was so nice to all be together.

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Pretty in pink

Ella & Lila hanging out

Wrestling, its not just for boys!

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Baby Finley

Maya loves to hold Finley and gets so excited when Miss Ashely and Finley are coming to town.

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Just another day

Ella & Lila playing while Mommy finds them some clothes to wear.

Atticus points to the computer and yells, “bike, bike!”  So we turn on his favorite bike video and Maya and Atticus snuggle and watch the video.

A family of musicians.

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