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Silly Jacobsen girls.

A stroller train. Lila playing peek a boo! Ella Playing out back with Cousin Atticus and Aunt Brie!

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Uncle Lee got married!!

  Congrats Lee & Kaitlin!!  The wedding was sooo much fun and you guys looked so happy!

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June 2012 Family Photo’s

  Lila & Mommy Mommy & Ella Daddy & Maya Lila

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Hooray for a fence!

Lila enjoys filling up the pool. Briana helping the girls get the pool setup.  Ella’s pretty happy about it.

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Cousin Atticus turns 2!

My creative sister made these guitar cakes for his party.  He needed 2 cakes because he was turning 2, also he’s very popular, so we needed enough cake for everyone. Atticus has quite the personality already.  He likes to hulk … Continue reading

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Loose park with Briana

We are loving our new nanny Briana.  She is very active and creative with the kiddos and they are enjoying all of the new adventures.  Lila & Ella Already a runner!

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Cora Blue

Chris & Nic had their 2nd baby girl on April 25 at 7:48am,  She weighed 8lb9oz and was 20 in long. Jo Ellen, Jonas, Maya & I went to St. Jo to visit this little sweet pea. Nic & Cora … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day 2012

  Baby girls are 18 months old.  Ella is 32 3/4 in tall and weighs 22lbs.  Lila is 33 in tall and weighs 23lbs.  Trains! Pma and Ella, Maya & buddy Grandpere, Brie, Atti, Maya, Buddy, Pma & Ella.  Lila … Continue reading

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Nanny Jessica

Jessica started with us at the beginning of March.  It has been so wonderful getting to know her and having her around.  Unfortunately, she has moved on to a job working with inner city children for Operation Breakthrough.  We wish … Continue reading

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All things Ella Sarai!

Our 2nd born child has quite the personality.  Her favorite thing is to snatch Maya’s headbands and wear them around the house.  It makes her so happy. 

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