Who are the authors of this site? Well, as you might have guessed, our names are Dustin and Lora Jacobsen. We’re excited to use this blog as a way to update our friends and family on what’s going on in our lives as new parents and to share pictures and video of our new baby girl.

Lora is excited to enter the world of mommyville and take a reprieve from her full travel schedule working in the pharmaceutical research field.

For more information about Dustin, you can check out his advertising technology blog at shakegently.com

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  1. She is so beautiful and we are so happy that we get to see her tomorrow. Her name is musical and perfect.

    Maya, the time surrounding your birth was so eventful. I’m going to write it down so I don’t forget to tell you everything when you are older.

    It has been wonderful getting to watch your parents getting ready for you. You have been so loved and cared for since the moment they knew you were on the way.

    I love you so much and I can’t wait to get to KC tomorrow to meet you and see your parents. Welcome to the world, Maya dear.

    Your grandmother Rosemary

  2. Sarah mother of twins says:

    hi I think u guys so awesome
    I have twins too
    actually two pairs
    big twins are now 4years old
    and unborn twins are now 35weeks
    I hope that I won’t do c section
    anyway maya is so lovely
    and I hope that u and ur family healthy and happy
    happy new year

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