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Nanny diaries

We have been so blessed to find 2 amazing nannies for Miss Maya. Sara is a friend of my sister Brie’s and so she’s been around since Maya was just a few weeks old. She now watches her 1 afternoon … Continue reading

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Isn’t it a bit early to cultivate an addiction??

Here’s my sweet one looking all innocent. And here she is, craning her neck to see the TV that’s above the fridge. I purposefully turn her so she’s not facing the TV. This girl has a problem! If there is … Continue reading

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Just an ordinary Wednesday

Somebody is missing her Grandma J. Good thing we get to see her next weekend! Practicing sitting up. Its not working so well thus far. Last night Maya & I went to watch Kate’s program at school.  She was a … Continue reading

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New toys AND guess who can roll over!

Here’s baby girl in her new jumper toy. She’s not quite big enough for it, her feet don’t touch the floor, but we thought we’d try it out anyway and she loved it! And here she was just before the … Continue reading

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Friends & Bath time

Yesterday afternoon we went over to Liz’s house for a visit. Glorie is now 15 months old and was very sweet to Maya. Saturday’s are for bath time! Who’s a healthy baby?!  It now takes 2 of us.  When she … Continue reading

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4 month check-up

The stats are in: Height: 25 7/8 (92%) Weight: 17 lbs (95%) ——- No, no! Not those shots again! Don’t worry baby girl, it’ll be ok!

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Mommy’s 1st day back to work!

So today was the 1st day I had to leave Maya all day and work outside of my home office. I’ve been working from home since she was 12wks old and it’s been going great. We found an amazing nanny … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day

Sweet baby on her 1st V-day wearing an outfit from Grandma J. There’s a heart on it, but this pic doesn’t show it. But take my word for it, M was very festive. Flowers Maya & Daddy bought for Mommy. … Continue reading

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Who’s a Jacobsen?!

Here is a Jacobsen if I’ve ever seen one! Beautiful! I can see her Aunt Niki, Grandma J. and her daddy in this pic. Is it just me? Thanks Grandma J. for the Valentine’s gifts! I love my new outfits … Continue reading

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Who’s ready for church?

Sunday was very sunny, but super freezing this past weekend. Here’s Maya all ready for church. Mommy & Maya trying to decide what to order for brunch at Bob Evans.

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